August 30, 2011

Germany, wow!

So, here I am. A crazy exchange student in an amazing country.

At first I went to Bad Laasphe for 3 weeks for culture camp/language camp. That was fun, and I got to know the other CBYX/CIEEers pretty well. All of us had fun with our bumbling German. Many laughs were had... and then we got to our host families.

I had to take the train from Bad Laasphe to Stralsund, which in total was probably about 8 hours on trains. I'm just thankful that I didn't have a long flight before that! Anyway, in my awful German I managed to get to Stralsund, but not after figuring out the ICE train system here.
At least I know what to give when I'm asked for a ticket now. Don't laugh. ;-)

So I got to Stralsund and my host family was waiting for me at the station! It was so sweet, I received some hugs and it actually wasn't awkward at all. Everything went great! And then when I got home, I essentially saw the house, ate some, and then fell asleep.

Let me say that Stralsund is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. It's right on the Ostsee and there are many boats. It's [i]gorgeous.[/i] There are lots of restaurants and plenty of things to do, lots of museums... I love it here!

I went to Gymnasium for the first time today! At first I was a little intimidated by the kids and the classes, but everyone here is so nice and really does flatter me with my German. :P When I say that my German is awful, some of them actually say that it isn't, but I know that my accent is atrocious, and my cases are even worse. ;) But I love it here, and I am so lucky!

August 3, 2011


Wow! Tomorrow I'm going to be in DC, meeting with other CBYXers!


Anyway. I just thought that I would update. I don't feel nervous at all about this, despite the fact that I haven't packed yet (hint: it's a bad idea how to pack til the day before). In fact, I'm ready.

And I'm looking forward to this so much. Bring it on, Europe. :-)

July 9, 2011

Host family!

25 days until I go to DC to meet with other CBYX/CIEE-ers!

Yesterday I received the very exciting news that I have a temporary host family!! I have a host mother and a host father, a host brother (but he does not live at home) and a host cat (so. excited.). They live in the northeastern part of Germany, pretty close to Stralsund. It looks sehr schön, and I really think that I'm going to make HUUUUGEEE strides in my German this upcoming year, which is terribly exciting news for the wannabe polyglot. :D Moreover, the little town I will be living in is only about two hours away from Berlin and two hours away from Hamburg, which means that traveling is probably not out of the question. I am so excited!

I sent my host family an email last night in German (hopefully they aren't too put off with my short, simple sentences. ;) ). I cannot wait to get to meet them -- I get this feeling that I'm going to get along so well with my host parents. This family structure really seems like my family's German doppelgangers!

Hooray! This is such terrific news!

June 11, 2011

June update

I am watching the news like a beast, trying to formulate sentences in German like a beast, connecting with exchange students (although I admit that I could be doing more on the Facebook groups *grin*), and reading Cultures Shocked forums like a maniac. (I never post on there, but I've been lurking an unhealthy amount)

I still don't have a host family. Boo hoo! Even so, I've been reading old blogs about German-exchange-students, watching German movies (we have a Goethe Institut in DC that sometimes airs German movies. A few weeks ago I watched Prinzessinnenbad which was a veeeery interesting view on Berlin and three girls who lived there), finishing my school work, and saying goodbye to friends. :-(

BUT I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I've been dreaming in German (I can't speak it, but sometimes I hear other people speaking in German in my dreams). I've been thinking about school next year (pumpedpumpedpumped) and I've been ... aak! I've been trying to do everything! :D

This was a cool post. Unfortunately, it didn't have much content. I want to know where in Germany I'm going to be. But mostly I want a host family to talk with!!

April 24, 2011

End of April musings

Wow. I'm leaving for Germany really soon!... it's just dawned on me that I leave August 4... it's almost May.

I'm really nervous about this year in Germany. Actually, I'm looking forward to it immensely, and I can't wait to see how I change and how I grow. I'm excited to immerse myself completely in German. I'm nervous about being in a host family (who isn't? :) ), but am really looking forward to living the life of a German teenager.

All of these feelings, according to those who have been on exchange, are normal. I believe that they're right. It's still strange to feel like you're absolutely soaring one day, excited to go on exchange, and the next day realizing that you won't see your best friend for 10 months.

Well, we'll see what happens!

I plan to update this blog probably when I receive news of a host family. :-) Adjö! (oh wait, that's Swedish. ;) )

April 1, 2011


I got into the CBYX scholarship. I leave August 4! Eek! Aack! Oock!

February 28, 2011


So, I had my interview two days ago for CBYX. It was a lot of fun -- many potential CBYXers came to Richmond for the group activities and later, the personal interviews. The group activities were a great way to get to know the other exchangers. We all had to write an acrostic poem using our names, to describe ourselves. For the record, my name is Fizzy.

Two Zs.

And a Y.
My poem ended up being... well, I'll let you decide for yourselves:

F- un
I- maginative
Z- any
Z- ??!?
Y- earn to learn.

UGH. Yearn to learn? (it was between that and Youthful, though. :P)

My personal interview, I think, went well. I can't tell, looking back on it, if I spoke in actual, coherent sentences or if I had massive, quality word vomit. Hard to tell. I guess I'll find out in April, when I find out if I made the program or not.

Hope you have a lovely day! I'll update probably next around April, to let you all know if I got the scholarship or not. ;) I am so excited!

February 6, 2011

Late update!

Hello everyone!

I just thought that I'd write to tell you all that, since my last post, I've accomplished quite a lot, including:

Chosen a country (Germany!!)
Chosen an organization (CBYX)
Submitted application to organization
Gotten a confirmation email from CBYX, saying that I'm going on to round 2 of the application process, which includes an interview. No problem. I am confident that I will do well.

Germany is my first choice of a country, regardless of whether I get into CBYX. If I don't get accepted, I'm still going to Germany. Somehow. I love the country. Fascinating history with vibrant culture.

I'm pumped! =)

With love,