June 11, 2011

June update

I am watching the news like a beast, trying to formulate sentences in German like a beast, connecting with exchange students (although I admit that I could be doing more on the Facebook groups *grin*), and reading Cultures Shocked forums like a maniac. (I never post on there, but I've been lurking an unhealthy amount)

I still don't have a host family. Boo hoo! Even so, I've been reading old blogs about German-exchange-students, watching German movies (we have a Goethe Institut in DC that sometimes airs German movies. A few weeks ago I watched Prinzessinnenbad which was a veeeery interesting view on Berlin and three girls who lived there), finishing my school work, and saying goodbye to friends. :-(

BUT I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I've been dreaming in German (I can't speak it, but sometimes I hear other people speaking in German in my dreams). I've been thinking about school next year (pumpedpumpedpumped) and I've been ... aak! I've been trying to do everything! :D

This was a cool post. Unfortunately, it didn't have much content. I want to know where in Germany I'm going to be. But mostly I want a host family to talk with!!

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