July 9, 2011

Host family!

25 days until I go to DC to meet with other CBYX/CIEE-ers!

Yesterday I received the very exciting news that I have a temporary host family!! I have a host mother and a host father, a host brother (but he does not live at home) and a host cat (so. excited.). They live in the northeastern part of Germany, pretty close to Stralsund. It looks sehr schön, and I really think that I'm going to make HUUUUGEEE strides in my German this upcoming year, which is terribly exciting news for the wannabe polyglot. :D Moreover, the little town I will be living in is only about two hours away from Berlin and two hours away from Hamburg, which means that traveling is probably not out of the question. I am so excited!

I sent my host family an email last night in German (hopefully they aren't too put off with my short, simple sentences. ;) ). I cannot wait to get to meet them -- I get this feeling that I'm going to get along so well with my host parents. This family structure really seems like my family's German doppelgangers!

Hooray! This is such terrific news!