August 30, 2011

Germany, wow!

So, here I am. A crazy exchange student in an amazing country.

At first I went to Bad Laasphe for 3 weeks for culture camp/language camp. That was fun, and I got to know the other CBYX/CIEEers pretty well. All of us had fun with our bumbling German. Many laughs were had... and then we got to our host families.

I had to take the train from Bad Laasphe to Stralsund, which in total was probably about 8 hours on trains. I'm just thankful that I didn't have a long flight before that! Anyway, in my awful German I managed to get to Stralsund, but not after figuring out the ICE train system here.
At least I know what to give when I'm asked for a ticket now. Don't laugh. ;-)

So I got to Stralsund and my host family was waiting for me at the station! It was so sweet, I received some hugs and it actually wasn't awkward at all. Everything went great! And then when I got home, I essentially saw the house, ate some, and then fell asleep.

Let me say that Stralsund is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. It's right on the Ostsee and there are many boats. It's [i]gorgeous.[/i] There are lots of restaurants and plenty of things to do, lots of museums... I love it here!

I went to Gymnasium for the first time today! At first I was a little intimidated by the kids and the classes, but everyone here is so nice and really does flatter me with my German. :P When I say that my German is awful, some of them actually say that it isn't, but I know that my accent is atrocious, and my cases are even worse. ;) But I love it here, and I am so lucky!

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